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Meet the Cast

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Jane Singer

Jane Singer

Too nice to succeed, too tenacious to give up.

Kathleen, the casting director:

"No, I'm sure we haven't met, and even if we had, the Coen Bros. are not interviewing."

Gina, the TV director:

F*#k 'Hollywood Cares,' I'm here for the networking."

Zack, the neighbor handyman:

Can fix anything... except his love life.

V, the roommate:

Has an opinion about everything -- and you don't even have to ask.

Bobby, potential boyfriend:

... And he's how old?

Ron Glass, actor:

A touch of class wherever he goes.

Cousin Emily:

Midwestern Maven of Library Science and Family Gossip.


Writer / Producer specializing in Bait 'n Switch.

Resident Bag Lady:

 Keeping it 100%.

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