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About the Series:


Jane Singer is a single actress of a certain age who believes her dreams are still worth fighting for.  Whether it's navigating auditions, ageism, cocktail parties, crazy day jobs or strange suitors, Jane proves that fortitude is victory by holding fast to her Midwestern values and not letting the nutballs or the cynics win.  Yes, Jane overcomes daunting obstacles daily. Hourly. Including herself. Jane Singer: too nice to succeed; too tenacious to give up.

The Origins of Jane:

The Calamities of Jane began as an acting class project, at The Richard Lawson Studio, where Rebecca Klingler was asked to turn the camera on herself and film a short project. With the aid of fellow Midwesterners Gayla Goehl and Nancy Beverly, Rebecca’s alter ego Jane Singer was born. In the quirky short, Jane valiantly showcases her broad-ranging acting skills with great enthusiasm for a famed casting director, who (in hopes of avoiding a messy law suit) has consented to an audition after clipping Jane with her car. Quite a dance of agendas on both sides.

The threesome realized they were onto something. They had created a character who had the soul of an artist, an innate vitality to pursue her dreams, and a Midwestern propensity for being nice.  

With the support of seasoned producer Sheldon Silverstein and the insightful skills of cinematographer/director, Seo Mutarevic, the little short became a polished half-hour sitcom pilot, featuring a stellar theme song by Jason Karaban and an original score by Sam Sine. 


The project’s heartfelt essence attracted fellow University of Evansville alum Neil Wilson, who came on board to co-write (along with Nancy Beverly) and direct. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign Rebecca and company turned to the internet to further showcase Jane’s adventures.


A big Midwestern Thank You for all those supporters who helped us realize our dream.




Producers:                            Rebecca Klingler

                                                 Sheldon Silverstein

Associate Producer:             Nancy Beverly

Director:                                Neil Wilson 

Writers:                                  Nancy Beverly, Rebecca Klingler, Neil                                                         Wilson 
Director of Photography:       Jake Elsas
Editors:                                   Ryan Lutz

                                               Julie Mader

Camera:                                 Scot Carlisle
Sound:                                   Chris Moscatiello
Prouction Assistant:               Cameron Comstock
Hair/Make-up:                        Daniela Martinez
Hair/Make-up:                        Yoko Kagaya 
Music:                                    Aaron Douberteen

                                               Sam Sine
Theme Song:                         Jason Karaban

Additional Cast

Richard Tanner as Thomas Freudenstein,"gracious" party host

Sarah Kronisch, front desk yogini

Andrea Lockhart, woman who spots the spots

Pagan George as himself

Sheila Grenham as bag lady

Special Thanks


Richard Lawson & Richard Lawson Studios

Gary Spatz's The Playground

My Beautiful Bare Skin

East Meets West Holistic Center

Liberation Yoga


Time, Talent, Energy

Tym DeSanto

Drew Gatto

Emily Haase

Benjamin Holloway

Daydree Horner

Sheila Kelly

Bob Kundrat

Kathy Marienski

Yukiyo Miyajima

Frank Rogers

Casey Russell

Joyce Sawyer

Kara Smith

Brian Vork



John Klingler

Michael Ryan

Louis Jacob Elsas II

David McFadzean

Eric Rottman

Jeff White

Charles & Susie Klingler

David Klingler

Robert Klingler

Elaina Kintgen

Gary Spatz

Jeff Davidson

Nicholas Hippensteel

Sara & Todd Alcott

Dan Naragon

Tom Freudenstein




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