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Lee Sherman
(V, the roommate)
Rebecca Klingler
(Jane Singer)

Rebecca has been an actress for many years, both on stage (The San Francisco Mime Troupe -- and no, it's not silent!!) and screens, big and small.  Her groovy credits include TITANIC, LA CONFIDENTIAL, THE GREEN MILE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and PARKS & REC.  Yeah, you've seen her -- reacting to a sinking ship, a botched execution and bad behavior.  Now in THE CALAMITIES OF JANE she has a chance to re-enact her reactions to the crazy circumstances of her own life.  Kidding.  Well, kind've.


Worst Date:  Date passed out, as in "timber!"


Worst Day Job:  Driving one hour each way in LA traffic for $20. Can't remember what the job was.




Lee has performed on-stage and screens of all sizes (though when she started there were only two).  Lee has played God (Oprah was right!), a bitchy Casting Director (unheard of!), the head of the S.A.D. in the C.I.A. (kids aren't the only ones using acronyms), a Police Captain (excessive force, never...), a mom on several occasions (had to give the kids back) and Jane's RBF (two words, HOT MESS). Also, Lee likes to refer to herself in third person and would like to thank Rebecca for yet another opportunity!
Member of Black Women: State of the Union Theatre Company



Worst Date: Unshowered personal trainer - dinner and a movie - new world record for holding my breath!


Worst Day Job:  Delivering food during Thomas Guide days...lasted 4 hours. 


Gayla Goehl started acting professionally at 14 when she out-screamed and out-sang all the older girls trying out for the role of Ermengarde in a professional dinner theater production of "Hello Dolly".  She stayed in the "The-A-Ter" professionally for over another 100 shows. Moved into jingles, industrials, commercials, television and film. Her starring role as Debbie in the indie film "@URFrenz' not only got her a "Method Fest" nominee for best actress but a notable  LA Weekly review.....

Worst Date: Old college friend proposed with ring. (Waitress had to help me sneak out the back door.)


Worst Day Job:  Deceased Celebrity Agent. Bogart. Dietrich. Stooges. (Yep, they still are in commercials and ads so someone had to do it.)

Tripp Pickell –  Moved from Fayetteville, GA to L.A. and has enjoyed a full theatre life as an Actor and Fight Choreographer with The Road Theatre Co., Theatre NEO, The Company of Angels,  Here and Now and the Celtic Arts Center.  Theatre lead to roles on television, film and web series as well as opening the door to Stunt/Fight Coordinator work and Motion Capture.


Worst Date – Classified.


Worst Day Job – Working in the factory of a motor oil company for 3 months where I was made fun of daily for being in college.

Tripp Pickell
(Zack, the neighbor handyman)

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Preston Jones
(Bobby, the potential boyfriend)
Laura Maccabee
(Cousin Emily)
Rainy Kerwin
(Gina, TV Director)
Ron Glass

Laura grew up outside of New York City. She is an actor, producer and writer.

Worst Date: He shit his pants at the restaurant and then he told me he shit his pants and then he told the waitress. I tried to be very cool about it, but he left and that was that.


Worst Day Job: Telemarketing. Cold calling leads and selling long distance phone plans. It was soul-crushing. Somebody star-69ed us back, which wasn't supposed to be possible, and the owner flipped out and threatened the caller. Totally sketchy operation and probably a front for something else.

Kyle T. Heffner
(Curtis, writer/producer)

Preston was born in Texas, the large state just south of Oklahoma.  He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he majored in Radio Television Film.   After getting some solid advice from his peers, "dont move to LA, you'll never make it," he decided to move to LA to try to make it.  Preston has landed roles ranging from leads in studio films to guest stars in comedy and drama.  His most recent projects include a series regular in the Mandeville/YouTube Studios 1/2 hour sitcom, Sing It, and a guest star on the ABC Family drama, Stitchers.


Worst date:  I call it the lipstick date, where my date had lipstick all over her 2 front teeth, but I just didn't have the guts to say something, which made it more awkward and even harder to say something.  I never said something.  Shoulda said something.  Now I would say something.


Worst day job: Burger flipper at McDonald's.

Rainy grew up in Canada playing ice hockey and honing her craft as a prankster. She’s worked as an actress in independent films and performed in several improv comedy troupes around LA. Rainy is a filmmaker in Los Angeles and will soon release her first feature The Wedding Invitation, currently making its way to film festivals around the country.

Worst Date:  A round of golf. Worst idea for a first on-line date, EVER! He looked nothing like his picture. That being said, it was my best golf game ever. I was sure to not miss a stroke and end the date as timely as possible. 


Worse Day Job:  Telemarketing! I was selling ink for printers. At my first lunch break I walked out and never came back. Best decision ever. 

Kyle is yet another goatherd turned actor. He was discovered while grazing his animals near Joshua Tree. His worst acting job involved pretending that he liked wearing shoes at family functions.He is pleased to be calamitous.

Worst Date:  He hasn't had a worst date. He hasn't had a date.


Worse Day Job:  Managing a hedge fund.



Gayla Goehl
(Kathleen, the casting director)

 Ron Glass  is probably best known for his roles as the witty Det. Ron Harris in the television sitcom Barney Miller (1975–82), and as the spiritual Shepherd Derrial Book in the short-lived 2002 science fiction series Firefly and its sequel film Serenity. But his plethora of film and television credits make him a most honorable member of our cast. We bow to the Buddha in you, Mr. Glass!

Worst Date: There's no such thing.

Worst Day Job: What's a day job?

Nancy Beverly

Nancy has worked on such hit TV shows as Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer (Big personalities!  Long hours!) but much more rewarding for her has been co-writing and co-producing Jane as well as producing her film Shelby’s Vacation, which just finished shooting in the fall of 2016.  She’s been a proud member of the play development group Fierce Backbone since 2009 where she polished her drama Handcrafted Healing (which Fierce produced in 2015) and her comedy Community (which made the top 12 of a national playwriting contest).  Nancy’s professional life began at Actors Theatre of Louisville where she acted as dramaturg on a number of Humana Festival plays – and had several of her own short plays produced.

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