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Episode List

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Episode 2:  



Launches XX XX
Episode 4:  Networking


V strong-arms Jane into attending a show biz fundraiser, where, uncomfortable as she is, Jane finds comfort and hope in reconnecting with a celebrity acquaintance.

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Episode 5:  Flying High


A post-party intrigue at Jane’s place with TV writer/producer Curtis proves to be more than Jane bargained for.

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Episode 6:   Shredded and Strapped


Filling in for her yoga teacher, Jane re-encounters a very reluctant yoga student:  her gate-keeper casting director nemesis, Kathleen.

Launches XX XX
Episode 7:  Ch-Ch-Changes


After wincing over entries in her high school journal of disastrous dating, Jane bemoans the fact that her love life looks as dismal as ever… and then miraculously, she receives a call from a certain someone.

Launches XX XX
Episode 8:  You Do The Math


Nightmares abound as Jane both loses one of her day jobs and gears up for her date with Bobby. It’s Zack to-the-rescue as helps her pick out what to wear.

Launches XX XX
Episode 9:  Fudderwacken


Charm abounds as Jane and Bobby attend the Tim Burton Exhibit at LACMA… until they run into Cousin Emily power-walking in the museum ’hood.

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Episode 10:  Cousin Emily and Her Big Fat Mouth


Jane does a fabu job reading for Curtis’s pilot. Not so fabu:  she later discovers Cousin Emily has told her parents about her extremely young love interest. Back to fabu:  Bobby calls Jane for a second date.

Launches XX XX
Launches XX XX
Episode 10:  You and the Night and the Music.. Or Not


Jane and Bobby enjoy a late-night snack after Date Number Two. Bobby reveals some good news/bad news. 

Launches XX XX
Episode 11:  Special Delivery


A phone call, a knock at the door and it’s time for culminating bad news/good news for Jane’s love life and career in the Season One finale.

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